D. Taylor at Politico Magazine on Obamacare 2.0: Fix perverse incentives

This post by UNITE HERE President D. Taylor was published at Politico Magazine’s “The Agenda,” in a piece titled: Obamacare 2.0: The Affordable Care Act survived Year One. Fifteen health-care thinkers tell us how to fix—or reimagine—it for the long haul. One year later, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange marketplace has greatly reduced the number of uninsured Americans. That ... Read more »

Big Employers to Workers: Pay More for Health Care

A new University of South Carolina survey shows that major employers are increasing employees’ out of pocket costs due to the Affordable Care Act. A poll of Fortune 500 Chief Human Resource officers and members of the HR Policy Association found that “Seventy-eight percent of respondents blamed the ACA for health insurance cost increases averaging 7.73 percent.” A majority of respondents said ... Read more »

Insurers Driving High Cost Patients Out of Drug Plans

As we note on this site, under the Affordable Care Act, for-profit insurance companies have been big winners financially. But, it’s never enough. Last week, Talking Points Memo published a post from by Charles Ornstein from Propublica titled, The New Way Insurers Are Shifting Costs To The Sick: Health insurance companies are no longer allowed to turn away patients because of their pre-existing conditions ... Read more »

“Do-Nothing” Congress Getting Ready to “Do-Something” for Big Insurance

By D. Taylor, President UNITE HERE The 113th Congress is coming to a close with its reputation for doing nothing largely intact. The major “accomplishment” in the House was its repeated votes to repeal Obamacare, including the shutdown last year. There are problems with Obamacare that need to be fixed. But, Congress won’t do anything along those lines — unless major insurance companies ... Read more »

Breaking News! Monopoly begets Monopoly

The Avalere Health consulting firm released a study showing that “where complete data on market share of health insurance exchanges are available, Wellpoint or independent Blue Cross Blue Shield plans captured the greatest share of covered lives.” As we’ve blogged before, health insurance is already highly concentrated. Why anyone would expect exchanges to alter that fact is a little mystifying. This ... Read more »

Many DC Residents Frustrated and Still Waiting For Fixes to ACA Website

At the end of August, Washington Post columnist Robert McCarthy wrote a column titled, “Even a Harvard-educated lawyer has ‘nightmare’ with D.C. health insurance site.” McCarthy described the frustrating experience DC resident Diana Daniels had with the city’s health insurance Web site. Months of frustration. This week, we learned from McCarthy that Daniels’ experience wasn’t unique: While ... Read more »

D. Taylor: Let’s Actually Have That Honest Conversation About Fixing Obamacare

By D. Taylor, President of UNITE HERE. Cross-posted at Huffington Post. The Affordable Care Act has already helped millions of Americans gain health insurance – a big step forward. The debate over the ACA has been one of the most contentious we’ve ever seen. Fortunately, efforts to repeal it have been thwarted. Now’s the time to have a conversation about making it work for every American. At ... Read more »

Come On GOP, Get Serious

The Republican National Committee has a Labor Day message that shows why there can’t be an honest conversation in DC. It’s just a political screed filled with misrepresentations, including several of remarks from our president, D. Taylor. Our disappointment with the Administration’s lack of responsiveness is no secret, but the Republicans haven’t offered anything productive either. In fact, ... Read more »

Rep. Waxman: Another Progressive Leader Talks About Fixing The ACA

At UNITE HERE, we supported passage of the Affordable Care Act, knowing it wasn’t perfect. Our belief was that the legislation could be fixed to improve it. But, the ACA became such a political firestorm that we haven’t even been able to discuss ways to improve the law. But, that’s slowly changing. Recently, Rep. Henry Waxman, who was one of the key players in passage of the ACA when he chaired ... Read more »

Sodexo: Partial Victory, But Loophole is Still Open

The Affordable Care Act was created to increase the availability of benefits to workers nationwide. But, it doesn’t always meet that goal. One example is a provision we call the “Sodexo Loophole,” which let a major corporation use the ACA as an excuse to cut benefits for workers. Yes, to cut benefits. Sodexo, a multi-billion dollar international company, provides food service on hundreds of college ... Read more »
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